Rat Trap Goodnature

Rat Trap Goodnature

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Smart Trap Kit

Smarter than a snap trap. Kinder than bait.

Our Smart Trap Kit is so intelligent it takes care of itself. It resets automatically. It keeps the rodent paste fresh. It'll give you a heads up when it's killed a rat or mouse. And when it's killed 24 of them it'll remind you to top up the CO₂ canister and rodent paste.

Plus like all our traps it comes with an A-Class Humane rating, and is 100% toxin-free, making it safe for pets, kids, and mother nature. Make snap traps and nasty bait a thing of the past, and switch to a Goodnature Smart Trap Kit.

✓ Automatically kills and resets
✓ A-Class Humane rating from NAWAC
✓ 100% Toxin free and safe for pets
✓ 1000% smarter than your average trap