Tuff Tubbs

The high-quality plastic carrycots, for multi-sector use, combine optimum ergonomics, good flexibility and great lightweight durability. Its geometry and the design of its handles allow the user to transport any of the carrycots in this range with one hand, without risk of breakage or material fatigue.

Why Tuff Tubbs are the best

  • Made in Spain from High Density Tuff Polyethene
  • Heaviest duty handles on the market.
  • Wide range of colours
  • Durable, recyclable, sustainable, lightweight
  • Impervious to ice and boiling water
  • Stackable, flexible, lightweight and UV resistant

Australia's Tuffest Tubbs for over 20 years

  • Agriculture And Farming
  • Equine And Livestock
  • Construction And Building
  • Gardening And Fruit Picking
  • 100’s Of Uses Around The Home