Joint Joy Competition Blend

Joint Joy Competition Blend

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Joint Joy Competition Blend

Our Joint Joy - Competition Blend is aimed at those horses who are in work/training and may be used during competition season without restriction (also suitable for those horses not in work, who require extra joint support).

Based on our extremely popular original Joint Joy, the Competition Blend has the White Willow Bark Powder removed, with Glucosamine Sulphate and MSM (Methylsulfonymethane) Powder added in place. 


Turmeric - A natural and powerful anti-inflammatory that may assist in joint pain and stiffness. This product is certified organic and contains a minimum 5% curcumin. 

Rosehip Granules - Well known for helping to stimulate circulation, and for being rich in antioxidants and Vitamin C. Known to aid in tissue repair.

Celery Seeds - A quality cleansing, mildly diuretic herb that is useful in ridding the system of an accumulation of waste products.

MSM Power: Rich source of sulfur. May provide relief from inflammation and pain in muscles and joints.

Glucosamine Sulphate: Has a role in the production and protection of cartilage. May provide joint, ligament and tendon support. Studies show increased effectiveness when fed alongside a bio-available source of sulfur such as MSM Powder.


Horses: 20-30g per day/500kg horse mixed into feed.

20g = 2 tablespoons approx. 

Dogs: ½-1 teaspoon per day

*Disclaimer – it is the responsibility of the rider/owner to ensure the ingredients listed in this blend are suitable for your choice of competition as different industries have differing restrictions.

May be of benefit for improving or promoting health or production or performance. Consult your vet before treating any illness.