Horse Fence Wire 5cm verticals

Horse Fence Wire 5cm verticals

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Horse Fence Wire

Fastlock HorseFence is manufactured in Australia and designed to be a safe and secure fencing option

for equine properties. It is used widely on horse studs throughout North America, Europe and Australia.

The high tensile, heavy galvanised horizontal wires have crimps or bends in the wire at 15cm intervals

allowing the fence to absorb pressure should an animal lean against it. Once the animal is off the fence,

the high tensile wire will return to its original position. This compares to other horse fence products which

are made from soft wire and therefore tend to sag over time.


The knot used to secure the horizontal and vertical wires is smooth on both sides to prevent injury when

animals rub against the fence. The closely spaced 5cm wide and 10cm high wire openings prevent horses

from stepping through or becoming tangled in the fence minimising the risk of serious injury.


The 90cm and 120cm high sizes are available in 100m rolls to reduce the number of joins required when

fencing long sections.