Vyrsa 20mm Brass Impact Sprinkler Part Circle

Vyrsa 20mm Brass Impact Sprinkler Part Circle

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The sprinkler VYR-60 is a part circle agricultural sprinkler, made of brass and a ¾” Male connection.

This sprinkler is designed to work under a flow range between 13 and 55 l/min, at pressures between 175 and 500 KPA and cover a range of between 24 and 36 meters in diameter. The sprinkler VYR-60 can work with one or two nozzles. The main nozzle has a 24 trajectory and the secondary12.

The average time of rotation comes to be approximately 30sec.


  • Brass Sprinkler
  • 20mm Male Thread
  • Part Circle (can be adjusted to full circle)
  • Dual Nozzle
  • 24 degree Main Nozzle Trajectory
  • 12 degree Secondary Nozzle

@210kpa, 23LPM 14.8m radius