Vyrsa 20mm Brass Impact Sprinkler

Vyrsa 20mm Brass Impact Sprinkler

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VYRSA Model VYR-35 Impact Sprinkler Application:

The VYR-35 is the "flagship" of the VYRSA catalogue.

It is an agricultural full circle sprinkler made of brass and has a ¾” male connection. The wide range of nozzles offers a number of possible combinations to suit most applications.

This sprinkler is designed to work under a flow range between 11 and 55 l/min, at pressures between 175 and 500 KPA and cover a range of between 26 and 36 meters in diameter.

The VYR-35 can work with one or two nozzles, nozzle both main and rear are 26 degree angle with an average time of rotation of approximately 40 sec.


Full Circle Brass Sprinkler

20mm Male Thread

Dual Nozzle

26⁰ Nozzle Trajectory (both nozzles)