Equine Tummy Treats 80g

Equine Tummy Treats 80g

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Why not reward your horse with a naturally tasty treat, made with all natural, tummy friendly*, low sugar  ingredients?

These cute, crunchy, coloured heart shaped treats do not contain any added sugar, artificial colours or flavours, and are utterly irresistible to even the most discerning equine palate! Try them today, and your horse will be snuffling around for more in no time!

Quantity: 80g

Ingredients: Chia, linseed, oat bran, beetroot powder (red) or fenugreek powder (yellow)

*For training or reward purposes only – the ingredients have been selected to be ‘tummy friendly’ but these treats are not a feed supplement. For digestive support products for daily use, or prior to work/travel, please visit our Equine Digestion Products