Dog Yoghurt Drops

Dog Yoghurt Drops

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Fun, tasty training treats.


These Australian made yoghurt drops are the perfect training treat.  Made with human grade ingredients they are packed with flavour and yoghurt for added calcium and a probiotic boost.


Product Details

✓  The Pet Project's premium natural treats.

✓  Packed with calcium for strong bones.

✓  Full of stomach loving probiotics.

✓  Gourmet pet treats, made and hand packed in Australia.

✓  Great for training.

✓  Resealable bag for freshness.

✓  Great smell and flavour that your pup will love.

Better For Them

All The Pet Project's natural treats are 100% Australian with no imported products. Natural treats aid better digestion, lower risk of diseases, stronger immunity and increased energy and activity.


Human Grade Ingredients:

Vegetable oil, sugar, low-fat milk solids, yoghurt solids (10%), emulsifier, natural colour, banana flavour.